Elizabeth Wong Kit-wai 

Ms. Elizabeth Wong Kit-wai is an experienced journalist, former radio talk-show host, and communications consultant. She was the debate consultant for 2017 Hong Kong chief executive candidate John Tsang. She received her bachelor degree of journalism and communication, and her master degree of Chinese politics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Receiving a scholarship, she attained amaster degree of comparative politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Elizabeth started her career as a news documentary reporter with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), and later became the senior reporter of i-Cable News. In 2012, she joined the city’s renowned radio talk shows “The Tipping Point” (左右大局) and “On a Clear Day” (在晴朗的一天出發) as the programme host and strategist; in 2015, she took the challenge to establish a brand new online channel “01Blog” (01 博評) as the Managing Editor under HK01.com, which had attracted over 200 bloggers.

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of WKW Strategic Communications Studio. Her company provides communications strategy and public speaking training to public and private enterprises. In addition, she is the consultant for Wisers information Limited, specializing in big data and social listening. Some of the projects she has participated in include “Wisers’ Online Epidemic Report”, “Explore the undercurrent: From Social Buzz to Mainstream” and “New media, the New Era of Public Opinion: how can big data and social media listening help us better understand and predict public concerns.” Her published books include Happy Debate (2000) and Expose Deceptive Language in Local Politics (2013)(co-auothor).

Elizabeth is very passionate about teaching. She has been a part-time debate educator at various schools for over 20 years, and provides trainings on debate coaching to members of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union. She has been the part-time lecturer at the department of Government of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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