Prof. Kai-ming Cheng

Kai-ming Cheng is Professor Emeritus at the University of Hong Kong. He is Hon Director of Education Policy Unit at the Faculty of Education. He was Chair Professor of Education, Dean of Education, Vice-President and Senior Advisor to the President of the University. His major portfolios in administration was fund-raising and networking, but has also worked in the areas of human resources and campus IT. He taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as Visiting Professor 1996-2006. Trained as a mathematician, he was a school teacher and a principal before he pursued doctoral study at the London Institute of Education, in the realm of education policy and planning. He has been consultant with the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, IIEP and the Asian Development Bank. His research started with underdeveloped rural villages in China, India and Africa. He has been involved in institutional evaluation and accreditation, policy discussion and training in higher education in various jurisdictions, recently in China, Mongolia, Cambodia and Kazakhstan. Currently, he lectures occasionally at the National Academy of Education Administration, China, and SKOLKOVO, Russia. He created the Summer Institute on higher education at HKU, a learning programme for senior leaders in higher education from various countries. His current attention is on the fundamental changes in society and their challenges to education, and focusses on learning as the core business of education. He is on the Global Advisory Boards of various international organisations: National Council for Education and the Economy, (based in DC, US); Global Science of Learning Network (based in DC, US); Nord Anglia International School Group (based in London), and Yidan Prize (a global education prize, based in Hong Kong, Convenor). He is member of China Education 30 Forum, which is a think tank cum advocate in China. Locally he was member of the Education Commission and was instrumental in the comprehensive reform which started 1999. Over the years, he chaired various policy committees relevant to education in Hong Kong. He started two private schools: Elementi College (1971) and ISF Academy (Co-Founder, 2003). He is among the initiators of “Education 2.1”, an advocacy for education development in Hong Kong. His recent projects are with OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, based in Paris), UNESCO (Bangkok Regional Office) and Asia Society (based in New York, US). He has delivered hundreds of keynotes around the world. He writes columns in Hong Kong Economic Journal Daily and Shanghai Education, and for three years in Escuela (Spain).

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