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    Module 1: Governance and Politics of Hong Kong

    (30 hours Lectures)

    Topic Lectures
    Politics and Democracy Prof. Richard WONG
    Political Ideologies and Types of Regimes Prof. Richard WONG
    Distingished Lectures

    (1) One Country Two Systems
    (2) US-China Relations
    Prof. Ming CHAN, Stanford University (USA)
    The Executives and The Legislatures Prof. Sonny LO / Mr. Andrew WONG
    Ethics and Political Leadership Prof. Joseph CHAN
    Constitutionalism and Rule of Law Mr. Ronny TONG
    Morals, Politics and the Law Mr. Ronny TONG
    Local Administration and District Councils Prof. Sonny LO / Prof. Albert CHEN*
    Elections Dr. Stan WONG
    Demographic Change of Hong Kong and its Implications for Policy Prof. Richard WONG
    Social Change of Hong Kong and its Implications for Policy Prof. Richard WONG
    Economic Transformation of Hong Kong and its Implications for Policy Prof. Richard WONG
    Chinese Political System Dr. Peter CHEUNG
    Hong Kong’s external relations Dr. Simon SHEN
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    Module 2: Network seminars speakers

    (56 hours Lecture)

    Topic Lectures
    Introduction to Political Philosophy Prof. Joseph CHAN Cho Wai
    The Legislative Council and the Legislative Process Mr. Jasper TSANG Yok Sing
    The Reflections of Capitalism Mr. SHIH Wing Ching
    Electoral Politics in Hong Kong Dr. LI Pang Kwong
    Past and Future: The Civil Service in Hong Kong Mr. LAM Woon Kwong
    Mainland-HK Economic Relations & the Implications for the International Relations of Hong Kong Prof. SUNG Yun Wing
    Democracy and Party Politics in Hong Kong Mr. Ronny TONG Ka Wah and Mr. Jasper TSANG Yok Sing (TBC)
    The Success Stories of ICAC:Some Historical Reflections Prof. Ray YEP Kin Man
    Understanding Hong Kong Monetary Authority Mr. Howard LEE
    Maintaining Rule of Law underOne Country Two Systems Mr. Paul SHIEH Wing Tai
    Hong Kong, China and the City Networks in Asia-Pacific Dr. HUI Ching
    Hong Kong’s Role as Aviation Hub Mr. Philip CHEN
    The work of District Council District Councillors from different political parties (TBC)
    Hong Kong’s Global Role Prof. Edward CHEN Kwan Yiu
    Land and Housing in Hong Kong Prof. Richard WONG Yue Chim
    Public Finance and Budgetary System Prof. LIU Pak Wai
    Public Health Policy in Hong Kong Dr. FUNG Hong
    Social Welfare Policy in Hong Kong TBC
    Environmental Policy in Hong Kong Mr. Hahn CHU Hon Keung
    Education Policy in Hong Kong Prof. CHENG Kai Ming
    Science and Public Policy Prof. TSUI Lap Chee
    Transportation Policy in Hong Kong Mr Evan AUYANG
    Visit to Shenzhen TBC
    Visit to Shenzhen TBC
    Technology and Public Policy TBC
    Political Campaigning and Social Media Engagement Mr. LAW Wing Chung
    Hong Kong, China and East Asia Regionalism TBC
    The landscape of Social Enterprises in Hong Kong Ms. Ada WONG
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    Module 3: Policy Project

    (14 hours Project Sessions + 4 hours presentation to policy secretary)

    Topic Lectures
    Policy Project Briefing and Topics Selection
    Policy Group Project preparation (I)
    Policy Group Project preparation (II)
    Policy Group Project preparation (III)
    Policy Group Project preparation (IV)
    Policy Project Presentation (Groups 1 - 4)
    Policy Project Presentation (Groups 5 - 8)
    Dr. Simon SHEN
    Prof. Sonny LO
    Dr. Stan WONG
    Dr. TM KWONG
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    Module 4: Public Affairs Engagement and Campaign Skills

    (12 hours Workshops)

    Topic Lectures
    Utilization of the media in political marketing Mr. Vincent WONG
    Public speech-making and speech delivery Mr. Chris YEUNG
    Campaign strategy and candidates’ platform and image Mr. Andy HO
    Political marketing and interactions with the media Mr. MAN Cheuk Fei

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